Have you used your fireplace yet this season?  If not, it’s just a matter of time before you revert to fall and winter habits as the days grown shorter and the outdoor chill becomes more pervasive.

But not so fast! Because to ensure the safety of your home and family, you should have your fireplace and chimney professionally cleaned and inspected.  In the process, your cleaning service can determine how much creosote has built-up since the last cleaning and remove what’s there.

Creosote forms from wood, paper, and cardboard that don’t burn very well. That’s typically caused by not enough air circulation in the fireplace and chimney. Plus, creosote is combustible and can emit unpleasant odors which will invade your living spaces anytime a down draft occurs.

Fireplace Maintenance

Creosote also can spawn mold and mildew after coming in contact with rain and snow.  And that spells the possibility of respiratory issues for you and other family members.

Not ready to contact professional chimney cleaner just yet?  At the very least, grab a flashlight and look up inside your chimney to see if you have a build-up of creosote. If your chimney has been cleaned recently, there may only be some grey or black dust. If it’s gone past the dust stage, it will black and flaky. And then there’s the most flammable type of creosote: thick and crusty.

If, however, you do opt to have your fireplace cleaned before you start using it in earnest, your cleaning company also can check for and remove any animals – dead or alive – that may have found a home in your chimney.

Here’s something else to put on your fall “must do” list: Nero Air Conditioning & Heating for our heating system cleaning and inspection service. It’s your best assurance of worry-free performance this winter, fewer repairs, lower repair costs, and lower utility bills. We look forward to adding greater comfort and convenience to your winter indoor season.

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