Popularity wise, very few things are hotter than Avenger series movies, ear buds, selfie sticks, Minecraft, and tattoos. Who knows how far into the future any of these might last. But looking back a way, items like pet rocks, CD players, and hula hoops might provide a clue or two.

Then you step into our world: heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC). Even though they’ve been around for decades, ductless heating and air conditioning systems are selling like New York city street-side pretzels…fast and furious. We’re not exactly sure what’s taken so long, other than to acknowledge the obvious: some things take longer to catch on than others.

We do think, however, that more and more people are installing ductless air systems as they learn just how flexible they really are. Use them for whole-house heating and cooling if you don’t have air ducts? A classic no brainer. Put one in a finished attic instead of trying to stretch the limitations of your current heating and cooling systems? There’s already a big demand for that application.

But here’s one people are just becoming aware of: install a ductless air system in your bedroom and cut big dollars off your energy bills overnight. It’s such a simple concept, we don’t understand why it hasn’t already received big-time press.

Here’s how it works:

  • You already have heating and cooling in your bedroom…nothing changes.
  • But then you install a ductless unit there that you keep off during the day.
  • At night, you raise or lower the thermostat – depending on the time of year – significantly so you won’t be heating or cooling areas of your home that won’t be occupied until morning.
  • At the same time, you turn on the whisper-quiet ductless unit in your bedroom, set it remotely to the ideal temperature, and sleep like a baby.

This use of ductless air is perfect for single parents or couples, empty nesters, or parents whose kids go off to college for half the year.

What will they think of next? Chances are they already have and, in future blogs, we’ll share other ways to make ductless air conditioning work for you. In the meantime, contact Nero Air Conditioning & Heating for a free in-home consultation and new system proposal.

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