If you’re prone to coughing and sneezing attacks inside your own home, doesn’t that kind of the tarnish the whole “home as oasis” metaphor?

In fact, dozens and dozens of our customers live in perfectly comfortable, spacious, and inviting homes and yet they feel like they have a perpetual cold. Except that they don’t. Because in most cases, they’re dealing with the ill effects of polluted indoor air.

Breathe Healthier Indoor Air

The EPA tells us that our country’s indoor air as twice as polluted as the air outdoors. How does that track with your personal experiences? As in, do you pretty much feel better everywhere except at home? If so, Nero can help put an end to that kind of daily and/or nightly suffering.

That’s because our expertise extends beyond heating and cooling services. We’re also indoor air quality professionals who have helped dozens of home and business owners effectively remove the very pollutants that have caused or simply aggravate existing symptoms of allergies, asthma, and other upper respiratory ailments.

While we have numerous ways to accomplish that goal, today we’d like to focus on one particular:  UV (Ultra Violet) indoor air quality lamps.

Business, hospitals, government institutions and home owners alike have been employing this technology since its inception to help neutralize the effects of “sick building syndrome”.

A UV light is installed in the return or main supply of your duct system where it emits a strong, yet perfectly safe, light. This light generates negative hydroxyl ions which remove pollutants from surfaces and the air. That purified air then continues to pass through your duct work and is released into your living space.

That’s different than how a whole-house air purifier works which remains motionless inside your ductwork as it waits for airborne pollutants to pass through it. A UV Lamp system, by contrast, goes after those pollutants wherever they might be gathering for a more thorough removal of the contaminants that are adversely affecting your health.

Keep in mind, however, that no indoor air quality product represents a cure to your problems. They do, however, remove the very substances that either caused or continue to aggravate your symptoms. And that spells significant and long-lasting relief.

For more information on UV lamps and our other indoor air quality services, contact Nero Air Conditioning & Heating today.

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