Once the holiday season is over but there’s still plenty of winter yet to endure, those winter blues can really get you down. While it might be tempting to just hide under your favorite blanket until winter blows over, we have a better idea:  and it starts with donning your puffy coat, scraping the ice off your windshield, and heading for your local garden center.

Houseplants Elevate your Mood & Make your Home Healthier

You see, filling your home with houseplants not only can elevate your mood, but make your home healthier, too. Research suggests that plants help reduce stress, increase tolerance to pain and physical discomfort, and improve your outlook on life. In fact, many buildings are designed specifically with plants and the outdoors in mind, not only to make them look more colorful, welcoming, and attractive, but to provide the same natural high people experience outdoors.

For your added benefit, plant care can help reduce stress while enhancing your well-being and sense of purpose. According to a study conducted by NASA, certain plants like Boston fern, the spider plant and weeping fig can even clean the air by filtering out harmful pollutants such as ammonia, formaldehyde, and other VOCs that are often found in furniture, paint, and common household cleaners.

Here are some plant varieties known to counteract the winter blues. Just be aware that some may be harmful to pets, so check with your veterinarian ahead of time.

Ferns are great at putting humidity back in the air and making the surrounding living space more comfortable. The Kimberly Queen is a bit easier to care for as it requires a tad less water than the average fern, so if you forget to water it for a day or two, it will survive.

Chinese Evergreens are hardy plants that can handle low light, making them ideal for winter’s shorter days.

Anthuriums are beautiful and easy to care for. These flowering plants need a plenty of light, but they bloom consistently, adding brightness and color to even the greyest of days.

The Snake Plant is drought-resistant and can grow in high or low light. It’s available in several varieties, each with its unique and interesting colors and shapes.

You know what else winter can do?  It can dry the heck out of your sinuses, skin, hair, and all wood surfaces. Dry air also can be brutally tough on asthma and allergy sufferers.  Now, Nero Heating & Air Conditioning can help add much needed moisture to your home, all winter long, with a whole-house humidifier. Contact us today for a free system quote or click here for more details.

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