Don’t worry, this is not a pitch about quitting smoking or a plea to err on the side of sobriety.  Today, we’re leaving those bad habits aside.

Those featured in this blog are the everyday sort, the kind that drive family members crazy, perhaps, and others that can cause problems you probably haven’t considered.

Like any habit, the bad ones are easy to come by and much harder to dispose of.  But if you’re willing to try, then the best first step is acknowledging certain behaviors that would be better left behind.

Flushing things that shouldn’t be flushed. Don’t treat your toilet like a trash can. Avoid flushing cotton swabs, paper towels, hair, and yes, even flushable wipes to keep your pipes free of clogs. If it makes life easier, place a trash bin in your bathroom with a plastic, removable liner.

Not taking your shoes off. Not only do shoes cause more wear and tear on your home’s interior, they track in dirt, potentially harmful chemicals, and bacteria that can make a mess of your indoor air.

Slamming doors shut. Sure, it sends a message in the middle of an argument, but it can also loosen hinges and hardware and even push the doorjamb out of alignment.

Not checking your detectors faithfully. Clean and inspect your smoke, carbon monoxide, and radon detectors regularly and replace batteries seasonally. A properly working detector could help prevent a catastrophe.

Ignoring overgrown branches and shrubs. Overgrown tree limbs and branches can damage your roof, gutters, and siding while dense vegetation can shelter insects, pests, and animals.

Ignoring your filters. Cleaning the filter on your dryer before each use not only keeps it running more efficiently, it can prevent a dryer fire. The other filters that need attention are those for your heating and cooling systems. The filters exist to weed out dust, dirt, and other particulates that can impede the ability of your home comfort systems to effectively keep you comfortable.

Cleaning and replacing heating and cooling filters, while a good habit to form, won’t keep your systems in top working order by itself.  For that, you need annual preventive maintenance performed by Nero Air Conditioning & Heating.  We’re known throughout Southern Connecticut for the excellence of our work and attention to detail.  Contact us today for more information or to schedule service.

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