The last time you needed the services of an air conditioning company, did you consider their heating service credential?  Or, to flip that around, does a company’s expertise in air conditioning concern you when you need someone to restore your heat in the middle of winter?

Well, it should, and for a very simple reason:  why search twice when you can acquire service provider that can capably handle all your heating and air conditioning needs?

Let’s assume that time is now, and you need service for one or the other – air conditioning or heating.  Except there’s a third component in the mix, and that’s ventilation. That’s why these companies are called HVAC service providers:  heating, ventilation and air conditioning.

Choose an HVAC Company That Provides Ventilation

Ventilation is the least understood of the three.  In basic terms, ventilation is all about the distribution and quality of air in your home.  Without proper airflow, neither your furnace nor AC system can effectively do its job.  Plus, without high quality indoor air, you’re likely to struggle with cold- and allergy-like symptoms.

Here are several of the qualities you should look for in an HVAC service provider:

  • Licensed and insured
  • Guarantees the quality of their work
  • Has service and repair experienced working with the make, model, and type of your heating and cooling systems
  • Member in good standing with the Better Business Bureau
  • A high degree of customer satisfaction
  • Installs equipment from high quality manufacturers
  • Offers you a guaranteed upfront price on service and repair work
  • Takes time to patiently answer all your questions

Here at Nero Air Conditioning & Heating in North Haven, we work very hard to earn your trust and confidence.  That includes providing 24/7 emergency repair service, special offers to help you save money, new system financing with approved credit, and more.  To schedule service or learn more about us, contact Nero today.

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