Gathering around your family fireplace should be more than visually appealing. It should be one way to feel nice and toasty with little to no help from your central heating system.

If you’re missing out on the added warmth an indoor wood fire can provide, here ‘s how to turn that around:

Fan the flames

Place a small fan in front of the fireplace, pointed directly at it. When the fan is operating, it will create the same kind of movement found in a convection oven. If you’re considering buying a fireplace insert, ask about a model with a built-in fan.

Cleaner is better

Have your fireplace and chimney cleaned every year. That alone will improve heating efficiency while helping to prevent a creosote fire.

Glass Doors Prevent Heat Loss from Your Living Spaces

Glass doors generate more heat

Glass fireplace doors help generate more heat, partly by reducing the amount of heat lost up and out of your chimney.  Glass doors, properly installed, help prevent heat loss from your living spaces while the fireplace is not in use.

Install a heat exchanger

Consider upgrading your fireplace with a heat-air exchange system to blow warmed air back into the room. Think of it as heat recycling.

Install a fireback

A fireback is a metal plate lining the back of the fireplace.  It’s designed to protect the masonry and radiate heat back into the room when the fire dies down.

Burn seasoned firewood only

If you try to burn unseasoned (not fully dried) firewood, it won’t work to its full potential since most of the energy is being used to remove moisture from the wood rather than product heat. Seasoned wood burns more efficiently and effectively.

Use a fireplace insert

Fireplace inserts are one of the best heating efficiency solutions for enhancing heating potential. Essentially, a fireplace insert is a wood stove installed inside your existing fireplace. For maximum safety and efficiency, the cast iron or steel box should fit securely in the fireplace and line up correctly with the chimney.

Still, neither a wood fireplace or wood burning stove was designed to heat even small to average size homes.  They are more for recreational than practical use. In turn, that means you still rely heavily on your heating system for your family’s winter-long indoor comfort.  To help ensure you get all the heat you need, as affordably as possible, contact Nero Air Conditioning & Heating today to schedule our preventive maintenance service.  With an annual cleaning and inspection from Nero, you’ll get more problem-free years from your furnace and spend less to heat your home.

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