We all talk to inanimate objects from time to time, or to people who can’t hear a word we’re saying.  Here are a few common examples:

To your favorite team’s basketball coach while you watch on TV: “Put Jones in, you idiot…they’re killing us under the boards!”

To weeds on your lawn that you can’t completely get rid of: “What the hell am I supposed to do with you?!”

To your car when it won’t start: “Come on baby, turn over.  I don’t have time for your nonsense!”

happy young caucasian fan celebrating watching

Every now and then, a good talking to might help you feel a little better, but it won’t solve the problem.  That includes talking to your furnace.  You know, like “Don’t fail me now.”

So, instead of just sitting back, hoping for the best, and dreading the worst, follow these simple steps to help keep your furnace in top working order.

  • Clean or replace the air filter. It doesn’t get any simpler than that but, way more often than not, it’s a step that gets ignored. That means dirt and dust are free to clog the filter which leads to added wear and tear on your furnace and premature problems.
  • Keep air vents open. Some people will close one or more air vents in rooms not currently in use thinking they’ll save money on heat when, in fact, the opposite is true.  Closing vents reduces your system’s efficiency levels and creates hot and cold spots around your house.
  • Keep the furnace area clean. Flammable items left near your furnace are potential fire hazards. So, if your furnace room is also used for storage, keep it well organized and all objects – especially flammable ones – out of harm’s way.
  • Reset your programmable thermostats.  If you haven’t already, reset the time and temperature settings to reflect your winter schedule and desired comfort levels. Looking to save money on your energy costs?  You’ll save money when all or part of your home is unoccupied without sacrificing comfort and warmth when you’re home.

Here at Nero Air Conditioning & Heating, we can do a great deal to enhance your family’s winter season comfort, and it all starts with heating system preventive maintenance service.  It’s your number one assurance of problem-free performance, reduced heating costs, fewer if any repair bills, and a longer system lifespan.  Call to schedule service today and enjoy added comfort and peace of mind.

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