Frankly, there are all kinds of ways to cut your home energy costs, especially as they pertain to heating and cooling.

For now, let’s focus on just one: installing one or more two-way ceiling fans. Depending on where they’re installed, how often they’re used, and where they’re located, using ceiling fans along with your furnace and AC system can cut your home comfort costs by up to 15% per year.


Since warm air rises, using the clockwise setting during the winter will push warm air back down where you and family members gather. That creates less demand for your furnace, and that’s where the savings come from.

Come summer time, switch the blades to run counter clockwise and enjoy the added “cool” without having to lower the thermostat setting.

Even if you have separate thermostats for each level (assuming you have a two-story home), you’ve probably noticed, for example, that during the winter, it’s warmer upstairs than down. By placing a ceiling fan at the top of the stairs, warm air that’s escaping the lower level will be pushed back down for more balanced heating and, yet again, reduced strain on the furnace.

For more ideas on how to heat and cool your home for less, contact the indoor comfort specialists at Nero Air Conditioning & Heating today. From annual preventative maintenance to high quality repairs and new system installation, we offer everything it takes to help you and your family enjoy maximum indoor comfort, around the clock.

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