When you come home on a hot and sticky day, you expect to trade those conditions for your own cool and comfortable surroundings. But what does it mean when it’s not so cool and comfortable anymore?

It can mean a few things…among them, that your AC system is no longer operating at peak performance. Part of what you’ll notice in addition to higher utility costs is more humid indoor air. As a system ages, it’s ability to transfer excess humidity outdoors gradually erodes.

Is that what’s going on inside your home? It is if you’re experiencing one or more of these symptoms:

Install a whole-house Dehumidifier & Enjoy Absolute Comfort

  • Reduced comfort – The higher the humidity, the warmer you feel.
  • Sleepless nights – You start feeling sticky all over and having difficulty sleeping.
  • Added expense – The warmer you feel, the more you’re inclined to lower the thermostat. That, in turn, drives up your electricity bill.
  • Added wear and tear – By sensing warmer indoor temperatures, regardless of the cause, your AC system works harder to achieve the desired temperature setting.
  • More frequent repairs – Added wear and tear leads to mechanical problems and subsequent repair bills.
  • Reduced system lifespan – Any AC problem that remains unchecked, including high indoor humidity, takes time of the system’s potential lifespan.

Here at Nero Air Conditioning & Heating, we offer you two ways to kick excess humidity out the door. First, you can replace your AC system and enjoy the absolute comfort your new system will provide. Or, we can install a whole-house de-humidifier, one that lets you control relative humidity for greater comfort and energy savings.  Contact us today for more information or a free in-home consultation and proposal.

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