Maybe you inherited your central AC system, or maybe you had it installed. Either way, it’s giving you cause for concern.

For now, you’re sitting back, hoping it can get you through the rest of this summer with no repair issues. And yet you’re half tempted to replace it now and stop thinking about it.

From our experience, “replace” is the better move should one or more of the following conditions exist:

  • Age of system. If it’s at least 12 years old, major and costly repair work might be needed at any time.  Since the average lifespan of AC equipment is 12-15 years, do you really want to spend a lot of money only to have to replace it a year or two down the road?
  • Frequent repairs. If your system already needs work – at an ever increasing rate – eventually you need to ask yourself: “Is it worth even one more repair bill?”
  • Rising energy costs. Once your AC system hits the 10-year mark, chances are it’s running at no better than 60% of it’s original energy efficiency. The money you’d save by replacing it helps offset the cost of the new system if not cover it outright.
  • Added indoor humidity. The older an AC system gets, the less its able to transfer excess humidity outdoors. To compensate, homeowners lower the thermostat again and again, but it’s still not providing the added comfort they seek. And all the while, utility costs keep climbing.
  • New addition. If you’ve added on to your home – or converted an attic or basement into a finished room – your heating and air systems might not be able to handle the extra space. If so, and your AC system is already 10 or more years old, that’s a great time to replace it.
  • Lacking in comfort. Do you have a hard time keeping your home cool? This could be another sign of “old age” or of one that wasn’t correctly sized. Regardless of the cause, you want your air conditioner to do its job!

Had about all you can stand? Then it’s time to contact the indoor comfort pros at Nero Air Conditioning & Heating. We’ll listen to your priorities, present you with new system options, and provide you with a guaranteed upfront price quote. At Nero, it’s all part of the service.

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