Do you find yourself lying awake, spooked by things that go bump in the night? Perhaps your house is haunted, which means you have two options: pack your bags and move or start charging admission. It’s more likely, however, that your house is simply trying to tell you something.

Here are a few examples to help calm your nerves.

Creaking and Popping – Your home is made from a variety of materials – like wood, glass, and metal – that expand and contract at different times. These creaks and pops are usually more noticeable when warm days give way to cool nights. They’re completely normal and harmless.

Count on Nero AC & Heating to Get Rid of Strange Smells in Your House

Zombie Smell – If you notice a rotten egg odor, leave your home immediately and call your gas company from a safe location…the odor could stem from a natural gas leak.

Footsteps Above – Hearing noises in the attic? It could be a squirrel, raccoon, or other critter that’s made its way inside. Keep unwanted visitors out by making sure your gable, soffit, and rafter vents are screened.  Also, trim tree branches away from your roof to prevent ease of access.

Burnt Wood – You haven’t had a fire in your fireplace in days but you’re still smelling burnt wood. If you’re sure that nothing is on fire inside or out, the smell could be coming from a drafty chimney. To put an end to it, make sure your damper is sealed and consider adding more cold air return ducts to your HVAC system.

Moaning and Clattering – You’re sitting home alone, the wind is howling, and you’re wondering what on earth is making those moaning and clattering noises. Chances are, they’re simply caused by backdrafts from your vents. Clothes dryers, kitchens and bathrooms, and even your water heater have vents with dampers that allow air to exit and prevent outside air from coming in. These dampers can move and rattle in high wind. Check them to see if they need to be secured or replaced.

Heating and cooling systems can make strange, disturbing noises, too.  A popping sound probably indicates restricted airflow through your ducts.  A clanking sound often points to a broken fan blade inside your condensing unit or furnace. Whatever it is, you can count on Nero Air Conditioning & Heating to get to the bottom of it and recommend exactly the right solution.  For more information or to schedule service, contact us today.

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