If your aging AC system is unreliable at best, you’ll want to know more about variable speed systems before you go off in search of a replacement.

Variable-speed compressors operate at different speeds which vary by the amount of cool air your house needs at any given time. Lower speeds are used to maintain existing indoor temperatures. When your house heats up as outdoor temperatures start to climb, fan speed will increase to meet demand for cooler air.

Here’s how you benefit from a variable-speed replacement AC system:

Variable Speed AC System - Cools Your Home & Saves on Utility Bills

  • Lower energy costs. Variable speed air handlers run continuously, which is precisely why they consume less energy. By comparison, single-speed systems – like the one you probably have now – are either one of off, nothing in between.  Each time they come back on, more energy is consumed to regain the temperature you were enjoying when the fan shut off.  That frequent on and off action drives up energy costs and creates added system wear and tear.
  • Better air quality. Since the variable speed air handler runs continuously, it’s also continuously filtering your indoor air. That equates to less dust and other airborne pollutants to affect you.
  • Quieter operation. Variable speed systems are super quiet by design. Add to that their continuous operation – as in, no frequent stopping and re-starting – and your home becomes even quieter.
  • Reduced indoor humidity/moisture. Longer run times means your AC has more time to remove indoor humidity for added comfort and energy savings.

Contact Nero Air Conditioning & Heating today to learn more about a new or replacement variable speed AC system.  It’s a great way to cool your home and save large chunks of money on your utility bills.

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