Air duct insulation is designed to keep warm and cool air from escaping through your ducts.  The more conditioned air that remains inside, the less you pay in utility bills.

Insulation is given an R–value, which describes how effectively it resists heat transfer. The higher the R–value, the more efficient the insulation.

There are several insulation options to choose from, and you can count on Nero to recommend what’s best for your home and the Southern Connecticut climate. Here are just a few types of insulation available.

Spray foam

Spray foam is highly effective and easy to apply. It usually comes in a compressed can and can be sprayed into openings or cavities, where it expands and seals the area. This is an ideal solution for insulating ductwork in older homes since small holes can be drilled in the air ducts for the spray foam and then re-sealed.

Air duct insulation

Blown–in insulation

Another type of insulation that is very easy to install and great for areas with wires and pipes is blown–in insulation. It’s piped in through a large hose and sprayed over the areas that need it. Blown-in insulation often is comprised of cellulose, recycled materials, or fiberglass. 

Benefits of Air Sealing in Fort Worth, Arlington & Flower Mound

In addition to duct insulation, Nero also provided duct sealing.  While newer homes are built air–tight, older homes tend to allow lots of air to move in and out of the home. Not only can this impact your home’s energy efficiency ratings, it also can leaded to reduced air quality.

The conclusion is simple. If you’re positive you’re paying too much to heat and cool your home but you’re equally positive you haven’t increased your consumption, something else is responsible for the rising costs.  And often, that “something else” is inadequately sealed or insulated ducts.

For more information or to schedule a free in-duct inspection, contact Nero Air Conditioning & Heating today.

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