Remember the Wizard of Oz?  Well, one of its most memorable and endearing characters was the Tin Man who, if not frequently oiled, was prone to rust and freeze in place. Why?  Because he wasn’t human, but instead a mechanical object.

And now you understand the plight of your furnace, boiler, and all your other home mechanical equipment, i.e., that without regular and professional maintenance, they simply unable to continue performing at high rates of efficiency and reliability.

Is it Time to Replace Your Heating System

But there’s another angle to this story, and that’s age.  And that’s one thing mechanical objects and humans have in common:  we don’t last forever.  In fact, even with the best of care, your furnace has an expected lifespan of up to 15 years while boiler (hydronic) heating systems can keep you warm for up to 20 years, and perhaps even longer.

It behooves the proactive home owner, therefore, to keep track of your heating system’s age.  That way, you can plan when to replace it and so on your own terms instead of waiting idly by until one day it just ceases to perform. But let’s say you’re not quite that proactive and want to get every last ounce of heat your system has to offer.  In that situation, how would you know when your best move is to replace vs. repair?  Here are a few time-tested flash points:

  • Frequent and high repair bills – If you keep your heating system long enough, you’ll reach the point when it’s simply not worth spending another dime to fix it. It’s different for everyone, but we all know when we get there.
  • Skyrocketing heating bills – If you’re paying 30% – 50% more to heat your home vs. last year or the year before, and there’s no repair that can help reverse that trend, upgrading to a new energy efficient system will help you start saving money immediately. In fact, energy savings can pay for your replacement system in just a few years, and we can show you how.
  • Two for one? – More and more, home owners are switching over to ductless or heat pump systems. Both types of home comfort systems provide warm and cool conditioned air in one highly energy efficient package.
  • Converting to gas heat – The switch is on all over Connecticut from oil to gas heat, and for all the right reasons. Not sure if there’s a gas main on your street?  Contact your gas company to find out, and then call Nero so we can explain how simple and beneficial the changeover can be.

Still have questions about when to replace your heating system, and what might be your next best move?  Contact Nero today and we’ll give you the information you need to make the right decision for your home and budget.

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