If you’re someone who faithfully hires a qualified HVAC technician to clean and inspect your AC system each year, you’re in the minority.

Surprised?  We are too, especially since most heating and cooling system repairs can be prevented with regular maintenance. At the same time, “regular maintenance” doesn’t mean just once a year since there’s plenty you can do to aid your own cause.

One such DIY step is to regularly clean or replace your air conditioning filter.  Here’s why that’s so important:

Cleaner Indoor Air

When conditioned air passes through a dirty filter, much of that dirt, dust and bacteria ends up in your living spaces. Through regular cleaning, you can do your part to keep your air clean.

Improved Energy Efficiency

A clogged AC filter forces your system to work harder to cool you off. That means greater energy consumption and higher energy costs – and yet nothing that a clean filter can’t fix!

Reduced Wear & Tear

When your system works harder to keep you cool, sooner or later that will translate into more frequent and costlier repairs, not to mention shortened equipment life. By contrast, a clean filter helps your system run better and last longer, and that can save you a bunch of money.

Still, there are numerous AC maintenance steps better left to a professional. Locally, you can count on Nero Air Conditioning & Heating, just as hundreds of area home owners already do. Contact us today to request our AC preventive maintenance service…filter cleaning and all.

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